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A range of themes was proposed at the Helsinki Plenary; these have been reviewed by the Co-ordination Group and endorsed by the Steering Committee.   As the work of a particular group is completed it is duly closed but can be re-started at any point, as new issues arise and the demand exists.  Following a review of WGs  by the Co-ordination Group in 2004, particularly of their structure and focus, and of the method of working and managements of the WGs, the current operational groups are as follows (with their group leaders indicated, plus e-mail link):

Links to respective WGs below:

TRANSPORT ISSUES: (Alfons Guinier)

Summary Record of Transport WG meeting 26th January 2007; Annex 1; Annex 2; Annex 3
Transport WG meeting call – 26th January 2007
Group Transport Shipping Services – Oslo Plenary Report and Recommendations
Call for Transport Group Meeting 22nd Sept 2006
Transport WG Statements – Future Use of45ft Containers; Consultation over Logistics for Promoting Freight Intermodality
Transport WG meeting – 13th March 2006: Summary Record, ESC Presentation on Ports & Environment;
and Flemish Government Letters to EU: Bottlenecks and Short Sea Shipping
Mid Term Review of EU transport Policy White Paper
Meeting of Transport WG to be held in Brussels on 12th Jan 2006: Agenda; Annex 1; Annex 2; Annex 3: Annex 4
Agreement between Council and European Parliament on Sulphur Emissions
EU – DG Transport: Public Consultation over extension of the major Trans-European transport axes to the neighbouring countries and regions
ECSA Motorways of the Sea Consultation Paper Comments
Notes of Transport WG Meeting of 19th April

  • TEN-T
  • Intermodal Loading Units
  • Security (multi-topics)
  • Short Sea Shipping (incl Customs)
  • Port Environment (see also below)


WATERBORNE TP Draft Planning Schedule
Link to WATERBORNE Technology Platform website
Last Version of the R&D Master Plan


Environment WG meeting 14th March 2007 – Actions calling for Industry Associations’ input
Agenda for meeting on 14th March 2007; Green Paper References
Meeting of 1st Sept 2006: Minutes; Attendance; EURMIG Paper; CESA Paper;
Meeting of 4 Apr 2006: Annotated Agenda & Provisional Minutes
Notes of Environment WG Meeting of 17th May 2004

Coatings (CEPE)
Ship Emissions (ECMAR)
Air Emissions Statement
Emissions Group Statement from meeting Nov 2004
Emissions sub-group Meeting 25 November – invitation and agenda
Ship Recycling (STOP)
Oil Spills (IPIECA)
Cruise Vessels – incl waste (EMEC)
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Minutes of HR Meeting of 18th Apr 2007
Minutes of HR Meeting 30th Nov 2006;
Minutes of HR Meeting of 4th Sept 2006; Oslo Plenary Recommendations
Minutes of HR Meeting of 15th May 2006;
Minutes of HR Meeting of 23rd Jan 2006 – ECASBA Paper – EMPA Paper
Report of the Study into Career Path Mapping – Sep 2005
Notes of HR WG Meeting of 10th May 2004
Maritime Transport Social Dialogue Committee Report – Jun 2005
Shipbuilding Social Dialogue Committee Report – May 2005
The MIF Career Path Map
HR References Page

HR Standing Group (ETF) (Brian Orrell)
Training & Qualifications (IAMI-EU) (Mike Barnett)
Until 2004, the various MIF Working Groups were grouped under three headings related to Transport, Manufacturing and Human Resources, each of which have their own page – linked below:


Notes of WG Meeting, 4th July 2006; Green Paper Presentation; Efficient Class Presentation; Matrix Template
Notes of Inaugural WG Meeting 2nd May 2006
– supporting papers: Co-ordinator’s Presentation; EU Simplification Memo; Mr Henriksen’s Presentation;
Acquis Energy & Transport
Inaugural Meeting Agenda/ Invitation
– supporting papers: EU Legislative Simplification (Annex I); EU Legislative Proposals (Annex II);
IMO Strategic Plan (Annex III)

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Archive Transport-related WGs here
Archive Manufacturing-related WGs here
Archive Human Resources-related WGs here

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