On this page are listed the key updates to the content of the MIF website. As well as providing a useful cross-check, this will also provide a location for documents that do not necessarily fit into other pages of the site.

2005 –

  • ECSA Annual Report/ Newsletter No.3/05
  • Shipbuilding Social Dialogue Report – May 2005
  • CESA Annual Report 2004-5
  • ECSA Newsletter No.2/05
  • Lloyd’s List (Copyright) Press Articles from Bremen Plenary and German National Conference
  • ECSA Newsletter No. 1/05
  • WATERBORNE TP Draft Planning Schedule
  • Link to dedicated WATERBORNE Technology Platform website
  • Updated version of WATERBORNE Technology Platform launch presentation
  • Bremen Plenary Session – Details and Presentations, 25th/26th January
  • Recommendations on Natura 2000
  • Air Emissions Statement
  • EU – DG Transport: Public Consultation over extension of the major Trans-European transport axes to the neighbouring countries and regions

2004 –

  • ECSA Newsletter No. 4/04
  • Addition of Capt. Nuytemans’ Belgian Shipowners’ presentation at Antwerp Workshop
  • Emissions sub-group Meeting 25 November – invitation and agenda
  • Reply from Minister Karla Peijs to MIF on Antifouling Convention
  • MIF Letter to Dutch Presidency regarding concerns over IMO Antifouling Convention
  • ECSA Motorways of the Sea Consultation Paper Comments
  • ECSA Newsletter No. 3/04
  • MIF 2004 Antwerp Workshop Programme, Presentations and Results
  • Notes of Environment Group meeting – 17th May
  • Creation of HR References Page
  • Notes of HR Working Group meeting – 10th May
  • ECSA Newsletter No. 2/04
  • Announcement of MIF 2005 Plenary Session in Bremen – 25/26 January
  • Revised structure of Working Groups and their web page
  • ECSA Newsletter No. 1/04
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2003 –

  • Notes of the MIF Steering Committee and Industry Association Presidents, held in Brussels on 9th December 2003
  • Presentation made by Confederation of European Marine Technology Societies (CEMT) to the MIF Steering Committee, 9 Dec 2003
  • CESA Press Release regarding progress on EU Shipbuilding Policy, 26th November 2003
  • Minutes of latest round of Transport WG meetings: held in Brussels, 21st October 2003
  • Text of LeaderSHIP 2015 Report, published October, 2003
  • Agenda of next round of Transport WG meetings: Brussels, 21st October 2003
  • EMF PR welcomes Social Dialogue with Shipbuilders (Sept 03)
  • Minutes of Meeting of 8th HR WG Meetings (July 03)
  • Minutes of R&D; AHWG Meeting (June 03)
  • EC Welcome for adoption on RCD -94/25/EC (May 03)
  • Minutes of Meeting of 7th HR WG Meetings (April 03)
  • MIF Response to EC Customs Procedures Exercise (March 03)
  • MIF Co-ordination Group/ Industry Organisation Communication Meeting(Feb 03)

2002 –

MIF Newsletter No 6 issued – after Naples Plenary (Nov 02)
Proceedings of Naples Plenary (Oct 02)