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EU MARITIME POLICY GREEN PAPER – Background, Links, Contributions and Consultation


The European Commission has developed and published a Green Paper addressing a wide range of maritime issues, under the leadership of Commissioner Joe BORG.  This is managed through a Task Force involving his Services at DG Fisheries and Maritime Affairs, in conjunction with other Directorates-General.  Contributions to its creation have been made by a wide range of interested bodies and those from participants of the Maritime Industries Forum are included below, together with some other useful links.  Public consultation has started in June 2006.  

The current state of issues concerning Maritime Policy and the Green Paper, together with the work of the task Force may be found at: 

The background to the decision of the Commission and guidance for its further work towards the adoption of the Green Paper are contained in the Communication “Towards a future Maritime Policy for the Union – A European vision for oceans and seas, which is linked below.  The Task Force is headed by Mr John Richardson, who may be contacted at: 
    The European Commission
    Directorate-General for Fisheries and Maritime Affairs
    J-99 07/12
    B-1049 Brussels


MIF Environment WG paper – Green Paper References
DG Fisheries and Maritime Affairs Homepage
The Communication launching the Green Paper
Maritime Affairs Website

ECSA Response to Green Paper and to Maritime Policy Task Force Questions, April 2007
EuDA Response to Green Paper, April 2007
ETF Response to Green Paper Consultation and covering letter, 9th February 2007
Mr John Richardson’s Speech on the Green Paper
Letter from Mr Niels Wichmann, EUROPECHE President, to Commissioner Borg, following the MIF Oslo Plenary Session
ECOTEC Study undertaken for DG Fisheries & Maritime Affairs – Summary, Main Report, Study Methodology
Speech of Mr Jos Ramn Fuertes Gamundi of COGECA & EUROPECHE at Green Paper Conference, 8th June, Brussels
CONTRIBUTIONS (to the development of the Green Paper)

CESA Contribution to the Green Paper
ECASBA Contribution to the Green Paper
ECSA Contribution to the Green Paper
EMEC Contribution to the Green Paper
ESPO Contribution to the Green Paper
ETF Contribution to the Green Paper
EMPA Contribution to the Green Paper
Europeche Contribution to the Green Paper
OGP Contribution to Green Paper