t the Helsinki meeting of the MIF2000 Plenary Session, it was agreed that the day-to-day activity of the MIF should be undertaken in the Working Groups under the direct responsibility of the Co-ordination Group.  The Co-ordinators together oversee the work of all WGs and approve their creation, development and work programmes.  Six Co-ordinators fulfil this remit and are listed below:

  • Mr Pierre Besse (EurACS)
  • Mr Alfons Guinier (ECSA)
  • Ms Paola Lancellotti (EMEC)
  • Dr Reinhard Lueken (CESA)
  • Mr Brian Orrell (ETF)
  • Mr Patrick Verhoeven (ESPO)

Membership of the WGs is open to all MIF participating organisations and is to be agreed by the Co-ordinators, who may be contacted through the MIF Secretariat or direct to their e-mail addresses, above.  Participation in the work of the CG is also welcome and interest in this activity may also be expressed to the MIF Secretariat.

The Co-ordinators supervise the work of the WGs, amongst other aspects, to ensure that possible duplication of themes or effort is avoided.   Approval of the creation of new WGs and of their work programmes is under the overall responsibility of the Steering Committee.